The beverage market is very saturated and it needs a breath of fresh air!
Standard drinks that we know all have been on shelves for years. We circulate around the same compositions and flavors. We need a bit of new madness. Something absolutely new!

FRUKTOMANIA is such a product. It is a completely new product in terms of structure, technology and taste solutions.


Why is it so different?
Because, in addition to juice, it contains pieces of fruit. They are mostly fruit cubes of size ± 8mm and are suspended in juice.

The product was developed together with the company “Zentis”, which is the Franchiser and us “Ewa Bis” as a Franchisee.
We produce it in two flavors:
1. Kiwi-Papaya-Peach-Pear
2. Mango-Strawberry-Watermelon
We suspended the particles of these fruits in fruit juice. This solution allows us to spice up the taste of drink by gnawing fruits.


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